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The Victory Diarange models combine the features of a premium riflescope with the innovative technology of a laser rangefinder: Sighting, measuring and aiming merge into a single process. The distance measurement gives you the distance from your target accurately and extremely quickly. This information, so vital for long-range shooting, can be used to set the bullet drop compensator, which is particularly useful for bullet drop compensation over longer distances. This guarantees successful hunting even under extreme conditions. The Victory Diarange riflescopes are unique thanks to their technology and high performance optics and represent the expertise of Carl Zeiss.

Hunting at long distance relies on determining distances quickly and accurately. After that you can correct the holdover or compensate for the bullet drop using the ASV. After just half a second the first exact distance measurement using an invisible infrared laser is carried out at just the touch of a button. The result of this quick yet precise measurement is displayed for 3 seconds, creating the perfect basis for a long-range shot.

The long-range shooting specialists of the Victory Diarange range are available in three different reticles. All are characterized by a fine structure that ensures they do not cover the target for shooting at long distances. The rangefinder display is an integral part of every reticle. Both the illuminated dot and the light intensity of the measuring display can be dimmed. In all versions the reticle is on the 2nd image plane. This means that through the entire magnification range you can rely on a constantly well defined reticle and can change the magnification at any time.


  • Riflescope with integrated laser rangefinder (eye safe, laser class 1).
  • Large measuring range from 10 yds to 999 yds.
  • High measuring accuracy: 1 yd up to 600 yds and 0.5 % of reading at ranges beyond 600 yds
  • Very short measuring time = 0.5 sec.
  • Simple, fast operation.
  • Outstanding performance and high low-light capability.
  • High mechanical sturdiness as well as recoil proof, water tight and nitrogen-filled.
  • Rapid-Z600 or Rapid-Z 800 reticles are available.
  • Lowest subtension resulting from reticle in the 2nd image plane.
  • Mounting achieved through rail type system.

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