Swarovski Modular Objective 95mm 49995

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Scope Finish:armored green
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
Scope Body Length:tilted view: 16.8" straight view: 17.9"
Scope Body Weight:tilted view: 75.8 oz. straight view: 77.8 oz.

Swarovski Modular Objective 95mm 49995

Anyone looking for serious equipment of proven quality will be pleasantly surprised by Swarovski’s ATS/STS HD Spotting Scopes. These spotting scopes provide unbeatable value, durability, and a light-weight modular design which easily and affordably accommodates upgrades. Whether you want to start with a 65mm objective lens and upgrade to a whopping 95mm objective lens, the Swarovski ATS/STS HD Spotting Scope series allows for such upgrades without buying an entirely new body. Revolutionary design, outstanding performance and a wide range of choices make the ATS/STS a leader in the world of spotting optics.

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