Premier Reticle

Premier Heritage has carved a niche for itself in the world of rifle scopes with their outstanding performances. The Premier Reticles scopes are an extraordinary line of tactical scopes that have been meticulously developed to ensure ultimate precision. These tactical rifle scopes are best known for target shooting and hunting from long ranges. These scopes have the ability to recoil for the most powerful rifles in the world. As a result they are perfectly tuned to zero at all times. Whether you are defense personnel, a serious hunter or a collected target shooter, the Premier reticle rifle scopes are perfectly suitable for you.

Premiere reticle scopes are built with a one piece main tube that measures 34mm. This provides the utmost strength to the device. In addition these scopes are packed with 100 MOA of internal adjustment. The Lever Lock System will help you to re-zero the windage and elevation adjustments.

Another USP of these scopes is that they have articulating lens covers. These will rotate to a position that is best suited for the shooter. Premier Reticles currently has two main lines of optics: Tactical scopes and Light Tactical scopes. In addition the reticles in the first focal planes of the Gen II Mildot have been designed to meet the demands of both combat and hunting. The Gen II XR models also have their reticles in the first focal planes. These are designed for those who prefer an additional holdover points and finer crosshair in the lower half of the sight picture. Accuracy and infallible performance makes the Premiere reticle scopes popular.