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Docter Optics Spotting Scopes

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DOCTER Aspectum 80mm binoculars are performance twin telescopes ideal for hunting, forestry, expeditions, sports, mountain tours, hiking, wildlife observations, ornithology, building and construction industry etc.

All binoculars by DOCTER dispose of high optical performance parameters. The large variety of models, the user will surely find the appropriate binocular for them self. If you have any questions about your next pair of binoculars by Docter, feel free to contact our product specialists! We are your number one online retailers of Docter binoculars!

Best Selling Docter Optics Spotting Scopes

Docter Optic 40x80 Binoculars

Includes hard case and Jim White mount

Docter Optic Binoculars Review
Field of View:  38.5 / 1000m
QBSalesDesc  Docter Optic 40x80mm (80/500) Super Wide Angle Aspectum Binocular with tripod plate and hard case
Exit Pupil  2.6 mm
Dimensions:  498mm Long 210mm Wide 120mm Height
Weight:  4250 grams
Eye Relief:  15 mm


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Docter Optic Hard Case for 80mm Aspectum Binoculars

Docter Optic Binocular Accessories Review
QBSalesDesc  Docter Optic Hard Case for 80mm Aspectum Binoculars


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