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The Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) is an integrated ballistics computer that mounts directly on the riflescope and couples to the elevation knob. BORS instantly takes care of the data work by drawing from several tables and taking into account a number of real-time external factors so you can focus on the task of achieving first round hits.

After determining the range to target, simply turn the elevation knob until the BORS screen matches your target's distance. Internal sensors automatically calculate the ballistic solution. BORS compensates for temperature and barometric pressure, calculates angle cosine and displays rifle cant. The BORS kit includes the proprietary Barrett Ballistic PC Software that's pre-programmed with a library selected by Barrett. BORS USB data cable allows the transfer of user programmable custom loads to BORS from his or her computer.

Designed primarily to withstand military operations, BORS is rugged and able to operate with a variety of scopes, calibers and rifles. While designed to withstand military operations, the BORS is also available for civilian sale and can be used by long-range marksmen including target shooters and hunters.

The BORS unit was designed with the military in mind, but it is also a great tool for the rest of us. That is a lot less than I had expected it to be. It takes a lot of guesswork and mathematical calculation out of making long range precision shots. Mounted atop the excellent and amazingly accurate DPMS LRT-SASS rifle, working in harmony with the Leupold Mark 4 scope, the Barrett Optical Ranging System is a first-class way to shoot. You never regret buying the best.